• Free Phone Consultation to help determine if our services are appropriate for the person and their situation. 
  • Evaluation and Consultation for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing a crisis. Designed to offer crisis intervention, support and to evaluate the need for additional resources and services (Usually limited to three sessions). 
  • Mediation for distressed couples who are separating and divorcing or for small groups experiencing conflicts. 
  • Education Groups constructed around topics such as communication, marriage enrichment, parenting, abuse, divorce and custody, life transitions, etc. (The groups are time limited and might vary from a single meeting to weekly meetings over a two month period.). 
  • Weekend Retreats around special themes such as Love in the Long Term Context, Men and Women Talking, Parents as Resident Theologians, Developing Volunteer Leadership, etc. We will design a retreat around your interest. Retreats can be local or remote. 
  • Staff Team Building designed to help staff members become aware of personality and management styles and work together more effectively. 
  • Stress Management Consultation and Intervention for persons wanting to evaluate their stress level and learn how to manage it and reduce it through meditation and other stress reduction techniques.