Mission & Values

Life is a precious gift to be honored and lived in good faith. It is best lived by grace. We stand ready to midwife others in their journey. We are committed to helping people find meaning and value in the human struggle. We realize none of us lives in a vacuum. Our lives are significantly shaped by our relationships with others. 

We are committed to helping people gain an open and honest look at their feelings, abilities, circumstances, and relationships. Where change can be made, we will support, challenge and nurture. Where change is not possible, we will help people accept themselves and grieve their losses so they can live again with an adventuresome and open heart. 


Perry N. Miller, D.Min., Phyllis K. Hicks, D.Min.,  Lyman Ferrell, Ph.D., and Kathryn Summers, Psy. D. are the senior staff members of PCCI. 

 Their clinical work reflects their commitment to relationships and health; their life seasoning shapes their understanding and compassion for those who struggle with the brokenness of their lives; their professional training and maturity equips them to offer short term intervention and counseling or long term intensive psychotherapy and significant clinical training and educational experiences.